Lou Cohen - Open Sounds

Indeterminate, open-score composition for any number of any instruments. Each player is given a part which specifies notes that players may choose from. Each player's notes are played according to actions that other players may take.

Performance, November 23, 2011
Forbes Graham, trumpet
Matt Samolis, flute
Morgan Evans-Weiler, violin
Michael Dobiel, saxophone
Lou Cohen, piano
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Performance, 8 October 2010
At Church of the Advent, Boston

Charles Turner, shakuhachi
Matt Samolis, flute
Melanie Hedlund, accordian
Duane Reed, guitar
Todd Brunel, clarinet
Steve Norton, bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
Randy Winchester, trombone
Rob Bethel, cello
Valerie Thompson, cello
Kathryn Schulmeister, bass

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