NGC7331 in Pegasus

Posted 21 Sep 2000. Spiral galaxy in Pegasus. According to Burnham, this galaxy is very similar to our Milky Way galaxy, so it appears as ours would if seen from space. It's about 23 times further from us than the Andromeda Galaxy (M31.) That puts it about 62 million light years away (42-50 million light years, by other estimates.) There are actually several galaxies in this image. The most prominent is NGC7335, to the left and slightly above center of NGC7331. For a good look at the entire galaxy group, go to this link: Kopernick Space Images. LX200, f/6.3 focal reducer, ST8E, Stacked images totaling 30min Clear and 50min InfraRed. Processing done with MAXIM DL and Photoshop (posted 21 September 2000).

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